Hey! Let me introduce myself. I’m Arky Staiman.

What’s an Arky?

Glad you asked! My real name is Aaron but my friends call me Arky. Come to think of it, everyone calls me Arky! I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, and decided to make Aliya to Israel and join a Hesder program, based on the ideal of combining learning Torah and army service. Near the end of my tour of duty as a Paratrooper, I married my best friend, Avigail Kranzler. We live in the scenic hilltop settlement of Tekoa (UH oh, political trigger alert!) on the edge of the Judean desert with our daughter Zimra.

Why am I a Guide?

I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an Israel tour guide and help spread love and connection between the Jewish people and our ancestral homeland. My love for Israel began with my Bar Mitzvah which I chose to have in Israel. Despite the bad food, (for this 13-year-old American, hummus, matbucha, and eggplant were not my idea of ‘yummy’), it was a life-changing event which spurred a deep interest and bond with Israel. Everyone has their own picture of what Israel is before their first trip, but for me Israel looked like the Sahara Desert with houses made of stones from the Western Wall. For some, this Aladdin-like vision of Israel can continue way past childhood. So I entered this field to be your magic carpet ride throughout Israel, and show you the real deal!

It’s not a Tour. It’s an Experience!

My tours are geared for people looking for a fun, hands-on, educational, and engaging only-in-Israel-experience for all ages, from children to retirees. The tours are for all levels of knowledge about Israel, from the “first time in Israel” tourist, to the “I’ve gone everywhere already” visitor. We awaken the Curious George in each one of us to the many unforgettable experiences in the beautiful Land of Israel. The “WOW!”’s of this country are endless, and for me to take part in the jaw-dropping adventures you’ll experience is my greatest honor. I look forward to guiding you through the process of discovering the richness and joy of “the land which I will show you” (Genesis 12:1).