Knowledgeable, Humorous, and Entertaining

“We had a wonderful time seeing parts of Eretz Yisroel with Arky Staiman! Arky has a real passion and love for Israel that comes through in his stories. He is not only very knowledgeable, but also very humorous and entertaining! We especially enjoyed how Arky tied together stories and sites in Tanach from the past together with modern day issues and events. All in all, we learned a lot and had a great time!”

-Ben and Tammy Movsas, Southfield, Michigan

An Awesome, Fun, and Educational Experience

Our family spent two very full days exploring the North and South parts of Israel with Arky as our guide. It was an awesome, fun, and educational experience. At our request, Arky took us to several places that we would never have explored on an organized tour. Arky was very knowledgeable about the country, and he made sure that we understood both the historical and religious significance of everything we saw. His insights made passages from the Bible come alive, and tied the scenery before us to our heritage. We also enjoyed the best falafel and shwarma in a café that we are sure had never seen a tourist! We highly recommend Arky as a tour guide, and we would definitely use him again on our next trip to Israel.

-Martha and Joel Gross Baltimore, Maryland

Thank you Arky for a wonderful day (and a few good laughs).

Hi my name is Deborah and last summer Arky guided me and my son through one of the most exciting days of my trip. Not only was he informative, but he made the outing colorful and enjoyable too. From the Dan to all the highest peaks of the north, Arky was there giving his all. When I look back at my weeks in Israel, that experience stands out as one of the most memorable days. I came out knowing so much more about Israel and its history by looking at Israel through Arky’s eyes.

-Deborah Chinsky- Long Island, NY

A must if you’re touring with the family

Friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable. He can take you to the common, main attractions as well as the lesser-known special sites you’d never find on your own. Open to suggestions and last-minute changes. A good story teller and teacher. Wonderful with little kids and big kids alike – a must if you’re touring with the family. Highly recommended! Thank you!

-Michael Altose Cleveland OH

“Arky is an excellent choice for a family trip – we booked with him a day before the tour, and he helped tremendously with planning and exciting a great day.

Arky simply has tons of energy, and when other guides would have “turned off” when we went swimming at a natural spring, Arky was very much “on” playing with the kids and entertaining them.

Right when we got home, the kids said “when can we take another tour with Arky again?”.

Thanks Arky for a great time!!”

-Yaakov Hecht

“Arky is an unbelievable person and a tour guide. His tour of Hevron was perhaps the single most memorable tour of my son’s Bar Mitzvah trip. He’s one of the most genuinely joyous, funny, inspiring people I have met. And it was cool to drive as a real settler… My son bonded with Arky so much that he’s been counting months till Arky has his first baby. Cannot recommend him enough!”

-Gamliel Gurevich

“We booked Arky for a tour of Jerusalem and ir Dovid. It was an amazing tour Arky blew our minds !!!. the amount of knowledge and entertainment kept us,as well as our kids interested throughout the day! We are actually sad that we didn’t book another day with him. We highly recommend Arky!!!”

-Adena Lousky

“We just spent the two most amazing days with Arky. From hiking the mountains of the Judean Desert and swimming in the refreshing natural springs of Nahal Prat, to visiting the sites where it all began in Chevron and the West Bank, and so much more. Arky’s wealth of knowledge and Passion for the state of Israel is contagious. He was perfect for our family and will be perfect for yours too! He was so easy to work with customizing our itinerary even even though I changed it up until the last minute! A truly amazing experience all around!”

-Alisa Glickman