Action Packed Adventure in the Desert

Judean Desert Experience

What is a desert? How is it different than the deserts of the world? Which Prophets and Kings walked through here? How can people survive here? If you’re interested in stepping into a different world only 30 minutes from Jerusalem, the Judean desert is for you!

Mitzpeh Yericho: Enjoy this incredible lookout over Yericho and hear the stories of Children of Israel entering the land of Israel.

Secret Army Bunkers: Enter an abandoned underground army base and hear how a few soldiers might have saved the whole country!

Jeeping/ATV: Rumble up and down the mountains through the Judean desert reaching tough to reach areas deep into the desert.

Ein Prat: Take a short hike to natural springs with waterfalls, deep and shallow pools, and amazing scenery

Camel Riding: Take a ride on the Lexus of the desert ?

Mamlechet Cohanim: Visit an animal farm that is helping prepare for the 3rd Temple!

Swap Options:

Eretz Bereshit: Meet Eliezer and Avraham in his tent while riding camels then make traditional pita bread!

Neve Midbar Beach: Float in this Dead Sea beach with changing rooms and a fresh water pool!

“Arky was an awesome tour guide! He kept our kids so entertained while teaching them and us so much about our incredible land. We made memories we will never forget. His enthusiasm and love of Israel is contagious! I highly recommend Arky for your next Israel trip!” -Shira Reich-Ninio