Northern Sites of the Sanhedrin and the Tana’im
Jewish Epicenters of the Galilee

2 Day Trip to The Jewish Epicenters of the North:

Day 1:

Snorkeling For Techelet Snails: Attempt to find special snails used in ancient days for dye in the crystal clear blue water.

Bet Shearim: Explore the underground burial caves of the most important Rabbis of the Mishna.

Zippori: The ruins city of this ancient city give us a window into the lives of Rabbis of the Sanhedrin.

Kfar Kedem: Live like the times of the Mishna-milking goats, riiding donkeys, making pita, crushing grapes etc.

Aqua Kef: Play on the extreme moon bounce park floating on the Sea of Galilee.

Tiveria: Visit the grave of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes.

Day 2:

Tzfat: Walk Tzfat’s majestic alleyways, hear the stories of its amazing Shuls and dip in the special Arizal’s Mikvah.

Ein Keshatot: Discover a rebuilt Shul from the Talmud which has been rebuilt using cutting edge technology.

Tel Saki: Reanact the miraculous battle for the Golan in the bunkers overlooking Syria.

Nachal Hakibutzim: A beautiful and fun water hike walking in water up to an Adult’s waste.