Exhilarating Torah Tour in the Path of Jewish Heroes

Bet Shemesh Area

Looking for places you haven’t been yet in Israel? Welcome to the land of beautiful green views, dramas from the Tanach (Bible), tunnels of ancient Jewish soldiers, tanks to climb on, and exotic animals to play with!

Tel Azeka: Reenact an ancient battle scene from the Bible in this beautiful lookout.

Bar Kochva Cave: Relive the story of the Jewish revolt against the Romans by crawling through these (very) tight caves!

Biblical Museum of Natural History: Play with and learn about the exotic animals of the Bible! Learn More

Latrun: Climb on tanks from all over the world including Israel’s most advanced tanks.

Swap Out Options:

Stalactite caves: Wander through time into a dark world of stalactite caves (very roomy)

“Wow! Our entire family (ages ranging from 5 to 35) had an amazing experience with Arky last week!!! Even as I’m writing this a week later my family is still discussing how much fun we had with Arky and how it was the highlight of our trip!!! Not only did we do lots of fun things and see awesome sights but we also learnt a lot in a fun way. We highly recommend seeing Israel with Arky!!!” -Essie and Yaakov Berkowitz