Hills Of Our Ancestors: Tanach, Views, and Adventure

Shilo and the Shomron Mountains

Pray in the exact spot where Hanna prayed, explore a Shul identical to the Mishkan, learn about the treasures found in the ruins of the city, enjoy refreshing springs in the area  all in the jaw dropping scenery of the Shomron mountains!

Ancient Shilo: Explore the ruins of the city of the Mishkan with a riveting new exhibit and a 3D hologram of the Mishkan

Mishkan Shilo Synagogue: This shul is a replica of the Mishkan and its dimensions

Ein Prat: Take a short hike to natural springs with waterfalls, deep and shallow pools, and amazing scenery

Swap Options: 

ATVing in the Valleys of Binyamin: Go where no car can reach deep into the land of Binyamin and its gorges and mountains.

Har Bracha: Explore the world of the Samaritan village and their historical connection.

Joseph’s tomb: Get as close as you can to Joseph at this lookout over the city of Shechem and the tomb of Joseph.

Local Winery: Enjoy a hilltop winery in the Shomron

“My family and I were privileged enough to spend a day with Arky. Only problem was, it was our last and he literally made it impossibly hard to leave. Arky is knowledgeable, funny, relatable and passionate. He brought our heritage alive and put color in our history! Cannot wait to head back to Israel and tour with him again!” -Shternie Dahan