Off The Beaten Path Adventures of Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion

Herodion: Climb to the top of this 2,000 year old desert fortress

Nachal Tekoa: Scramble down Israel’s grand canyon into an extraordinary cave

Tekoa Daled: Explore this ecological mountain top settlement and it’s special “mud shul”

Chesed in Gush Etzion: Give goodies to the soldiers who are protecting here.

Deerland: Zip down Israel’s largest zip line over the valleys of Gush Etzion

Swap Out Options:

Caliber 3: Experience what anti-terrorism is all about in this shooting range and training center

Arugot Farm: Visit the spiritual settlers who are building a unique farm on a mountain top

Ein Haniye: End the day with a refreshing dip in a local spring and water tunnel

“Wow! Our entire family (ages ranging from 5 to 35) had an amazing experience with Arky last week!!! Even as I’m writing this a week later my family is still discussing how much fun we had with Arky and how it was the highlight of our trip!!! Not only did we do lots of fun things and see awesome sights but we also learnt a lot in a fun way. We highly recommend seeing Israel with Arky!!!” -Essie and Yaakov Berkowitz