The Unique Experiences of Tel Aviv
Israel’s First Modern City

Find out what makes this modern Hebrew city so unique. From experiencing surfing with an instructor, to learning how Israel was formed, and living as a complete blind/deaf person for an hour, Tel Aviv will surely keep you busy!

Independence Hall: Learn about the declaration of Independence in the spot where it was announced.

Surfing Lessons: Learn how to surf with an expert surfer on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Blind/Deaf Museum: Walk through the museum which simulates the life of the deaf/blind led by a deaf/blind guide.

Ayalon Bullet Factory: Enter a secret underground bullet factory used before the creation of Israel.

Caesarea: Explore this preserved Roman city on the water, including an original theater and more.

“We had an amazing day!! Kids were entranced with Arky and he made history come alive while engaging the kids. He is very knowledgeable and shared his wealth of information in his captivating style. All our kids of varying ages had a fabulous time – he balanced fun with appropriate weight of the sights we were viewing – we look forward to spending time with Arky again!” – Shifi Bloom